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Terms and Conditions of Appointment

1. Fees to be paid as agreed monthly draw-down

2. VAT at the standard rate of 15.0% will be charged on all fees

3. Prior to commencement of any work, m2 architecture require written instructions from the Client, confirming acceptance of the proposed fee arrangement and confirmation of the agreed scope of services

4. The fee quotation does not allow for the services of specialist consultants, structural or civil engineers

5. Where additional work or alterations are made to the plans these shall be charged on an hourly rate plus VAT

6. Where agreed previously, m2 architecture will enter into Deeds of Collateral Warranty provided that all such Deeds meet with the approval of our insurers and legal advisers

7. 2 copies of all drawings have been allowed for within the fee quote. There will be a small charge for additional prints

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